13 March 2017

Yentafo Kruengsonge, Singapore — Kallang

Yentafo Kruengsonge, Singapore — Kallang

 Riding on the success of their first outlet at Orchard Cineleisure, Yentafo has expanded into One@KentRidge and Kallang Wave Mall to reach out to more customers. Following the opening of the new outlets, several new dishes are also introduced while keeping its classic items on the menu.



For appetisers, we had the chicken wings and salmon skin. My vote would definitely go to the salmon skin that comes with a side of “yum” sauce. The “yum” encompasses the typical Thai flavours — sweet, sour and spicy. We drenched the bowl of sauce over the crunchy fried fish skin, allowing it to absorb the sauce. It was like fireworks in our mouths with the full blown explosion of flavours that we really love. If you like spicy food, be sure to take some of the chilli padi to spice things up. The sesame wings are coated with rice flour batter resulting in a more textured layer on the outside, but the tender wings though rather ordinary, were fried beautifully.


The signature dish at Yentafo would be the Yentafo Kruengesonge Soup — the version here comes with a pink based broth. The colour comes from the fermented rice sauce that is specially imported from Bangkok. It’s slightly sweet and reminded me of the sweet sauce that we have with our yong tau foo, but added into the soup instead. With every order, you can choose from 3 different levels of spiciness for the chilli — Dek-dek (not spicy), Jai Soh (Spicy) or Rod Jeb (screaming spicy) — which is added into your soup . We had Jai Soh and it was comfortable for us, the spice lovers. We definitely preferred having it with the chilli as it enhances the taste.


An alternative to the yentafo noodles is one with the tomyum soup base. The clear tomyum soup base was clean tasting with a light tomyum flavour and is easy on the tastebuds. It allowed me to enjoy the springy texture of the flat rice noodles with the accompanying ingredients such as fish ball, squid ball, fish ball with tofu, fried tofu, fried seasoned taro and black fungus mushroom.


Using the same noodles as the yentafo, it is now stir fried over high heat with a generous amount of garlic, egg and chicken pieces into a plate of unassuming Kua-Gai Chicken but is beaming with wok hei. Though the rice noodles might look thick and clumpy, the springy and qq texture still remained. The chilli served on the side was a little sweet for me but that’s just how the Thais do it. It’s finished off with some rice puffs which were pretty additctive.


The pork ribs are carefully selected from pigs that weigh at least 200kg and have no more than eight pieces of cartilage to ensure a good meat:cartilage ratio. Slow cooked with lots of herbs and spices, the resultant pork rib is clothed in a dark brown sauce that went very well with the plain rice. Indeed, there was a good mix of cartilage in the meat that were very soft. The amount of meat will also guarantee you a satisfying meal! A pickled yellow chilli that is fermented for a week is served on the side to help cut through the richness of the sauce.

$9 — with tuk tuk herbal pork

Another rice option would be the spicy fried rice with red and green chilli padi stir fried into it. As we enjoy spicy food, we found it to be very manageable but it may be too spicy for the others. The boneless bite sized pork loin were well marinated with Thai garlic and served as a good ingredient to the otherwise seemingly plain fried rice.



We ended our meal with two desserts and it was my first time having the cotton fruit! It reminded me of a firm soursop fruit and I enjoyed the tart tasting fruit with some salty notes. Fans of coconut can opt for the Kanom Tuay — a steamed coconut milk custard with brown sugar.

Yentafo Kruengsonge is located at:
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #02-06 A/B Singapore 239695 Daily | 1100-2200
One@KentRidge 1 Lower Kent Ridge Road #01-09 & #01-19/20 Singapore 119082 Sun Closed | 1100 - 2100
Kallang Wave Mall 1 Stadium Place #01-15/K7 Singapore 397628 Daily | 1000 - 2200