12 December 2016

The Carvery’s Black Forest Christmas Feast, Singapore — Park Hotel Alexandra

The Carvery’s Black Forest Christmas Feast, Singapore — Park Hotel Alexandra

 What better way is there to celebrate the festive season than to do so with Park Hotel Alexandra introducing The Carvery’s Black Forest Christmas Feast (available from 12 December 2016 - 1 January 2017) menu taking inspiration from the produce found in Black Forest. Having been to the Great Meat Feast (see what you’ve missed here), I was very excited to taste what Chef Robert has come up with for the Christmas season!

The highlight of any meal here at The Carvery would definitely be the Roasts and the Christmas menu features a variety of beef, pork and chicken.


The US black angus beef is known for its marbling and flavorful meat. The ribeye cut is available on weekdays while the premium prime rib is available on weekends. Simply seasoned with just salt and pepper, the black angus beef is first slow roasted before it is finished off in the wood-fired oven. This results in a smoky burnt layer of skin which had a very noticeable smoky taste despite each slice being carved very thinly. The skin complemented well with the tender beef and this combination is best paired with the red wine jus along with The Carvery’s signature side, the yorkshire pudding.


The ribs of the loin are wrapped together, forming a circle and looked like a crown. Seasoned generously with herbs such as rosemary, thyme and oregano, the ribs are then oven roasted for hours. The result? A super tender and juicy pork rib meat that almost tasted like chicken to me! Pair it with some apple sauce for a sweet touch.


Each chicken is first marinated with a myriad of chopped up ingredients fresh herbs, carrots, onions, bay leaves and celery for 10-12 hours before being roasted in the rotisserie. Tarragon is also being stuffed into the chicken for the fragrance emitted while the chicken is being turned within the rotisserie. A thin layer of well seasoned skin over tender yet firm chicken meat remember to drizzle some chicken gravy for maximum enjoyment.






It’s not just the meat at the Carvery, but also amazing sides to complement the mains. My personal favorite from the array of sides is the German Potato Pancakes. Like a rosti, this pancake is made with more chunky potatoes compressed and then pan fried to a golden brown. The browning of the outer layer gave a fragrant touch to the potatoes, making it the crowd favorite! The pecan crusted Norwegian Trout was equally amazing too all that sweet juice was wonderfully retained within the trout as it unveils layer by layer. Drenched with a lingonberry sauce, it introduces a light citrusy touch that awakens your taste buds. Not forgetting the Forest Mushroom Flatbread, a generous spread of earthy forest mushrooms definitely makes it worthwhile to occupy precious belly space during this buffet feast!


There’s always space for desserts and especially so for these Buckwheat Crepes. A live station is setup to make them freshly on the spot and you can dress them with toppings of your choice. Choose from mashed cinammon banana, peaches, mixed berries, chocolate crunch, crumbles, fresh cream, berry sauce, sliced almonds, nutella, maple syrup and hershey’s chocolate sauce. The combination is endless and the good thing is, since it is buffet style, you can have more than one in a different flavor combination! The buckwheat crepes were very lightly crispy on the edges yet soft in the centre and overall went so well with the toppings!


I love The Carvery’s trifle that is available as a dessert in their regular menu. This Christmas, the trifle is transformed into a Black Forest Trifle! Think layers of chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate mousse, brandy soaked cherries, whipped cream and custard all coming together into one mouthful. I especially like the dark chocolate mousse which was a little bittersweet and the brandy which gave the dessert an extra kick and overall, it was tied in nicely with the whipped cream.


Using both Granny Smith and red Gala apples, I tried the former version with walnuts and almond paste stuffed inside the apple after removing the core. The warm baked apple with a dash of cinnamon is a classic combination that is just so befitting of any festive celebrations.

Needless to say, I tremendously enjoyed myself at the Black Forest Christmas Feast. The continuous high quality food served at The Carvery definitely warrants a visit! Over the festive period, the pricing for the buffet varies. Please do refer to this link for the prices and remember to reserve in advance to avoid disappointment!

The Carvery is located at:
Park Hotel Alexandra Level 7
323 Alexandra Road Singapore 159972