01 November 2016

Kurama and Yoi Sake Bar, Singapore — Millenia Walk

Kurama and Yoi Sake Bar, Singapore — Millenia Walk

Dining at Kurama was my first time experiencing Robatayaki a relatively new concept here in Singapore whereby diners sit around the counter and are served food using a long oar. The counter is colourfully decorated with the ingredients available for the day whether or not they are found on the menu. You can, therefore, either place your order using their standard menu, or simply pick whatever ingredient that catches your eye.

Once your order is placed, you can watch the chefs prepare the food right in front of you. With such an intimate setting, it also highly promotes interaction between the chefs and customers. As seating capacity is limited, do remember to make your reservations!


We first started with the tako wasabi, a raw octopus cold dish seasoned with a dash of wasabi. The wasabi was freshly grated and wasn't choking at all. Each bite into the crunchy octopus releases the sweetness of the tako, which was then further lifted by the wasabi. A very refreshing starter to have!


The salad here is not your ordinary garden salad, but came with a perfect half boiled egg and drizzled with truffle oil. Break open the egg and mix it into the crunchy greens for a creamy egg coating. The truffle fragrance further elevated the dish without being too overwhelming. I would gladly eat my greens if they’re always served this way!



Other starters that we tried were the miso tofu and fugu mirin. The fugu mirin tasted exactly like a fish bak kwa! Some might be fearful of consuming fugu, but the professional chefs at Kurama are highly skilled and also transformed it into a very addictive snack! The cured pufferfish was sweet with a slight chewy texture and I couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth.

$6 per stick

$9 per stick

$8 per stick

For the yakitori selection, the tsukune was definitely the highlight for me. With the soft bones mixed into the tender chicken patty, I enjoyed the contrasting texture as I bit into it. It was glazed with a sweet soy sauce and paired with a raw egg yolk, which brings a creamy dimension to it. The ham wrapped lychee was also a creative and refreshing combination the sweetness of the lychee juice burst into your mouth as you bite into it, paired well together with the charcoal grilled savoury ham.


I don't usually fancy ordering fish with bones. However, the hamachi kama (collar cut) usually has lots of fish meat. True enough, almost the entire piece comprised of meat. Grilled and lightly seasoned with salt, the fish was sweet and nicely complemented by the thin crispy layer of skin. This is a definite must-order for me!


I was looking forward to the ebi since it is charcoal grilled and I love that barbecue fragrance. However, the ebi was slightly on the thin side which resulted in a drier texture of the prawn flesh. This dish did not meet expectations.


The hotate is chopped into smaller pieces and presented on its shell with a mirin butter sauce. The sauce was clean tasting and complemented the sweet tasting scallops very well. A dish that is kept simple but hit the right spot!


We also had the mushrooms in butter sauce which is a classic comforting dish to have, but nothing spectacular to shout about.


The guy seiro mushi is wagyu beef, strips of egg and seaweed atop steamed Japanese glutinous rice. Initially, I was worried if this might be too heavy as we were served with this towards the end of our meal. To my surprise, the glutinous rice was well prepared and easy to eat even after a relatively heavy meal.


Sweet peach and rose jelly on a bed of light mousse cream base layered with a berry jam at the bottom. It's hard not to like this with its light fruity refreshing notes, with the tangy berry jam that excites your taste buds.


I am absolutely in love with this and wish that every Japanese restaurant can re-create this. The houjicha creme brulee has a beautiful caramelized top that cracks upon hitting it. As the creme brulee hits your tastebuds, you can really taste the layers of earthy roasted tea flavor unfolding, getting stronger but not overwhelming. A very smart move to use the fragrance of the tea to balance out on the sweetness of the creme brulee!


A deconstructed dessert plate made of gooseberry panna cotta, jellies, meringue and edible flowers. A pretty sight to look at with the different components sitting together on a plate harmoniously. However, in the taste department, I struggled to find the focus of this dessert and I didn't quite fancy it.

Yoi Sake Bar is located at the entrance of the restaurant and if you go further in beyond the curtains, Kurama comes into sight. It was definitely an interesting and fun dinner experience anticipating the arrival of my food via the end of a long oar. If you like exploring your food options and love new experiences, Kurama is a must on your list!

Thanks Eleanor for the invite!

Kurama and Yoi Sake Bar is located at:
Millenia Walk (access via Level 2 Nihon Food Street)
9 Raffles Boulevard #02-07
Mon - Sat | 1200 - 1400, 1800 - 0000