10 April 2016

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends

 Burnt Ends was 30th on their first entry onto Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2015, then climbed 16 spots to 14th in Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2016. The ranking is not all that it matters, but it does give some sort of indication of a restaurant’s standard. This is also the first restaurant that i’m doing a second review on (find my first review here). Featuring a giant charcoal oven and some grills, Burnt Ends is known to serve up some good charcoal barbecue food! If you like some smoky and intense food, this is for you.

Being my third visit, I had made a dinner reservation about 2 months in advance. My second visit was an attempt to walk into the Burnt Ends at 6pm hoping to get lucky but only got my seats at around 9pm, so reservations are highly recommended. Also, the later it is, the more likely items get sold out!

There are some slight changes on the menu over the year, but their classic items such as the Burnt Ends Sanger still remains.

Jamaican Chicken and Crema (SGD8)

Grilled chicken rubbed with lots of spices, this Jamaican chicken was flavorful, albeit a little too salty for my liking. Love the crisp on the skin though! It comes with a cream sauce that helped to cut down on the saltiness by a little bit.

Beef Marmalade and Pickles (SGD14)

Highly highly recommend this Beef Marmalade and Pickles. Minced braised beef with onions and mustard cooked till it turns into a jam-like end product and served atop a toasted sourdough finished off with some shaved pickles. So much umami in this one! There was an intense flavor with the heavy tasting beef but beautifully balanced with the addition of those pickles and matching well with the crispiness of the sourdough crust.

Leek, Hazelnut and Brown Butter (SGD16)

A whole huge leek barbecued in the oven till the outer layer turns entirely black. The skin is stripped down to its core, to unveil a juicy wholesome sweet leek within. It is then drizzled with some brown butter sauce and completed with hazelnuts. Such a simple dish but never fails to satisfy us!

Sweetcorn and Sea Urchin (SGD18)

Half a corn on a cob thrown into their oven again till the outer layer turns entirely black. Notice the style of cooking yet? The corn kernels are then stripped down and I love those charred ones! They are then tossed together with some butter and sea urchin sauce, completed with some fire roasted nori and finished off with a pinch of sea salt. We were told to mix everything together before having it. The uni wasn’t exactly strong here as the sauce was overly buttery, and the seaweed lost its crispiness with the moisture from the sauce. You can probably skip this!

Burnt Ends Sanger (SGD20)

Pulled pork shoulder, coleslaw, chipotle aioli sandwiched between two fluffy buttered brioche buns. Need I say more about this Sanger? The chipotle aioli is slightly spicy on its own, but when mixed with the coleslaw and pulled pork, it forms this melt in your mouth goodness immediately. Such flavorful and tender meat with the fluffy fragrant buns! The slaw also introduces some element of vegetables crunchiness without being overpowering. A perfectly assembled burger! The Burnt Ends Sanger is also available for take-aways and on delivery via Deliveroo.

Onglet, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow (SGD26/100g - 400g in the picture above)

This is the steak that you need to get your hands on at Burnt Ends. Having a menu prepared daily, this may not be available everyday though. The onglet is grilled to a perfect medium raw. It is so tender and juicy, further elevated by the burnt onion sauce and bone marrow shavings. The sauce is very heavy tasting and brings the depth of flavour yet doesn’t overwhelm. The steak comes with a vinaigrette watercress salad which looked rather unassuming, but I enjoyed it very much! The sweet watercress worked very well with the tangy notes of the vinaigrette, which also helped to ease the flavors going on with the steak. I would recommend ordering 300g for 2 pax.

Marshmallow (SGD2)

After such a full meal, I just wanted something simple for dessert. And here at Burnt Ends, there is the flame torched marshmallow. It’s so simple, just torched for a minute then served and you have to eat it in one mouthful before the gooey parts start falling everywhere. This orange and cinnamon marshmallow was so satisfying! That burnt taste infused with the orange flavor — something that I just can’t get enough of.

My favorite restaurant in Singapore, and I think that everyone should give this a try. Dining at Burnt Ends will not break your bank as most of the items are small plates (you can order lesser or more) and even the highly recommended onglet is sold by your desired serving size. Moreover, catching David Pynt and his kitchen crew in action is quite an experience!

Burnt Ends is located at:
20 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088391
Lunch | Wed - Sat 1145 to 1400
Dinner | Tues - Sat 1800 till late

Closed on Sunday and Monday