17 March 2016



 Housed within the lovely National Gallery of Singapore, Odette boasts a gorgeous interior that is very inviting. It exudes classiness from the sleek and modern design. Using tones of white, grey and wooden touches, the restaurant was soothing to the eyes and sets us comfortably for the meal ahead. Chef Julien Royer had a remarkable stint at Jaan previously, and all eyes are set on his brand new restaurant by the Lo & Behold group. Reservations currently are 2/3 months wait for the weekend, but you know good things are always worth the wait.

During our visit, we had the 6 course set lunch priced at $128++. Apart from that, there were 2 amuse bouche, selection of bread and petit fours served too.

To start our meal, we were presented with the Canapes. Small bite-sized snacks that needs no more than one mouthful. There was the choux pastry with mushroom and lentil cream, charcoal pita bread with tomato aubergine, cracker with cheese, egg yolk emulsion and truffles, and a cheese pastry. Nothing exceptional here.

Next, we had the Mushroom Tea which was served in a french press! It was extracted and pour over a sabayon of cep and lovages, resulting in a rich and earthy tea that finishes on a clean note. On the wooden plate was also the garlic brioche, which was fragrant to the nose and yummy to the tastebuds.

The selection of bread includes the thyme brioche, sourdough and chia seeds and olive focaccia. Out of the three, I thought the thyme brioche was excellent with the layers of pastry lightly wrapping together and retaining the softness of the bread within. The Odette unsalted butter and an salted butter was served, of which the salted butter was made from lard and butter. I can’t seem to find the word to describe the lardo butter but my preference definitely lies with the unsalted one. The bread overall wasn’t as remarkable as Jaan’s.

Our first course was the Hokkaido Saba done two ways. One was a smoked tartare with dashi jelly, ikura and fried barley crisps. This was my preferred method of the two, of which the smoked tartare was heavily seasoned with black pepper but the freshness of the fish can still be tasted. The other ingredients the refreshing jelly, burst of the ikura and crunch from the barley crisps was fantastic! The other method was a flame grilled saba with dill and horseradish. Nice but nothing outstanding.

The second course was the Heirloom Beetroot Variation. It was a medley of flavors from the different ingredients on the plate! We were pleasantly surprised with the sweet tasting beetroot, which we thoroughly enjoyed even though we’re not fans of it. The stratecialla “artigiana” was slightly chewy, while the meringue was airy and crispy! There was also a great contrast of temperature with the cooling sorbet and some crunch from the pomegranate seeds. Lots of stuffs happening on this plate but they worked together very harmoniously.

Onto our third course, it’s the signature Chef Julien Royer Pine Smoked Organic Eggs. These eggs are still as dramatic as ever, being served on the wooden egg shells with pine needles and dry ice. It was instantly dreamy on the table! The waiter would then pour out the egg on your plate filled with some root vegetables, mushroom ketchup, pancetta and black truffles. These organic eggs were cooked at 63 degrees for 55 minutes that explains that gorgeous half boiled egg right in front of my eyes. The texture of the egg yolk was divine! We were advised to take a little of everything and enjoy. What a party in my mouth!

The fourth course was the Breaded Arctic Fish with Charred Kurobuta Pork Belly. You probably can’t visualise it as the fish and pork belly are hidden below that brown crisp in the photo! That brown “skin” are bread crumbs forming a very thin layer and pan fried together with the fish, almost like they are one! It is unbelievably light and crispy, making me fall in love with this dish! The pork belly had very good charring and beautifully seasoned, but I found the sauce to be on the salty side. However, this was made better with the crunchy asparagus on the side. Overall, a very enjoyable main which I liked!

The fifth course and also the second main, is a Guinea Fowl breast meat which was brought to the table separately. The skin side of the guinea fowl was gently pressing against a charcoal in the tray with some rosemary before it was served onto our plates, with the aim of creating that smoky aroma. On the plate was some fondant potato, foie gras coulant and glazed swiss chard. The meat was very well cooked as it was moist and tender. However, I found the dish to be one dimensional as there were no highlights for me.

Due to a little hiccup during our meal (which they were absolutely apologetic), we were offered an additional course of Hand Dived Scallops with thinly sliced octopus served with a thai veloute and red kuri squash. The sear on the scallops was perfect! The meat on the inside was soft and sweet. The usage of a thai veloute reminds me very much of a local laksa, which made this dish extra comforting. This main was actually more impressive than the other two on the tasting menu. So glad that we got to try this!

Right before the dessert course, we were given a palate cleanser made of granny smith apple and  cucumber sorbet. Serving was on the large side for a palate cleanser as it required several mouthfuls.

Lastly, dessert was served! The dessert is a Williams Pear comme un Millefeuille. Essentially, a poached pear with salted caramel cream, salted caramel ice cream with crushed gingerbread and nougatine millefeuille. Absolutely love everything on this plate and also the fact that the dessert steps away from the usual chocolate. The nougatine millefeuille layers were so light and thin, yet it leaves the fragrance and sweetness in your mouth. The salted caramel ice cream was so well balanced, rich and satisfying!

To end the meal, we were presented with the Petit Fours! How cute are they? We had the lemon tart lollipops, salted caramel sweet, lemon coconut marshmallow and canele. I particularly liked the lemon tart lollipops as the tangy lemon curd that burst into your mouth definitely woke our senses!

I would definitely recommend having a meal at Odette. I thought that the set lunch was very well worth the price, considering the extra dishes outside the menu! The menu varies over time as we saw ours indicating February 2016. Service started off slow and a little stiff as I would call it, but it soon picked up as the friendly waiters/waitresses chatted with us for a bit. Chef Julien Royer even came out to serve us our main!! As I was looking through the photos to put together this post and thinking of every dish and its flavors, I started missing the food already! Take it as a meal to pamper yourself or a birthday celebration, just find a reason (or not?) to dine at Odette!! Make your reservations here.

Odette is located at:
1 St Andrew’s Road #01-04 Singapore 178957
6385 0498
Lunch | 1200 - 1330 (Last seating), Dinner | 1900 - 2100 (Last seating)
Mon | Dinner only, Tues-Sat | Lunch & Dinner
Closed on Sundays and PHs