18 February 2016

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

 Following the success of the tonkatsu and chicken broth ramen, Keisuke's 10th outlet specialising in ramen arrived on our sunny island featuring 62 seats with some alfresco sitting.  I would usually associate the classic japanese ramen with the pork based broth, but Keisuke is here again to introduce to us a new concept of ramen - the lobster broth ramen under Keisuke Lobster King! Fans of the crustaceans rejoice!

4 types of ramen are offered at Keisuke Lobster King — Lobster broth with rich creamy soup (SGD20.90), Lobster stock ramen with clear soup (SGD19.90), Miso lobster broth ramen (SGD20.90) and Spicy miso lobster broth ramen (SGD21.90). Prices are for the special (all-in) option. My recommendation would be the Lobster broth with rich creamy soup and Spicy miso lobster broth, perfect for those who like your ramen in thick and rich broths!

Lobster broth with rich creamy soup

Lobster broth with clear soup

Spicy miso lobster broth ramen

Miso lobster broth ramen

What makes a bowl of ramen is definitely the broth! With a lobster based broth, there is just so much seafood taste going around!! If I were to make a comparison, the lobster broth with rich creamy soup tasted like a lobster bisque merging with a thick tonkotsu broth. While the richness of the soup was very shiok, some may find it too heavy if you were to finish the entire bowl on your own. Like the other Keisuke outlets, you can choose the thickness of your soup. You may want to opt for the taste of your soup to be light (we had the normal).

The spicy miso lobster broth tasted just like a spicy version of the creamy lobster broth and cutting down a little of the lobster taste. This will suit those who enjoy your spicy ramen but with a crustacean flavour to it.

For the miso lobster broth and lobster stock ramen with clear soup, you can probably skip them. The former was average as compared to the above 2 that are recommended, while the latter was too ordinarily plain and tasted like a Chinese bowl of noodles.

We tried all of the 4 ramen with the special toppings, which include the pork belly char shu, chicken char shu, prawn wanton, fried prawn balls, bamboo shoots, black fungus, seaweed and the japanese soft boiled egg. Unfortunately, the toppings here were not as impressive as the pork belly char shu was rather tough and the sous vide chicken char shu had too soft a texture that doesn’t seem quite like chicken. The prawn wanton had too much skin with just a tiny prawn as the filling, while the fried prawn balls were mediocre.

The lobster broth ramen comes with straight ramen noodles while the miso broth ramen comes with the curly noodles. The ramen noodles is slightly on the thin side, while the curly noodles has more bite to it. This is purely up to your own personal preference, and I’m not too sure if you can choose but you can try asking!

Gyozas (Pork/Prawn)

Stir fried mushrooms with garlic and butter

 Chicken Nanban

Sauce for chicken nanban - eggs and mayonnaise mixed with pickles

Fluffy omelette rice

Fried Rice

Niku Meshi (minced pork on rice)

Sides & Rice
A variety of sides are available, which includes the gyozas (pork- 5 pieces for SGD8.80/prawn - 3 pieces for SGD8.80), chicken nanban (SGD9.80), teriyaki chicken (SGD8.80) and stir fried mushrooms with garlic and butter (SGD8.80). Rice choices include fluffy omelette rice (SGD10.80), fried rice (SGD8.80) and niku meshi (minced pork on rice) (SGD5.80). What was memorable were the gyozas with a moist filling and nicely pan fried skin. The stir fried mushrooms were good with a homely taste to it, albeit on the pricey side. We thought the fried rice was the better one out of the 3. The demi glace on the omelette rice was slightly too salty while the minced pork of the niku meshi was too tough and dry.

Located amongst the bars and clubs in the Clarke Quay district, Keisuke Lobster Kings opens from 6pm to 5am daily, which clearly shows their target audience to be the party-goers and the tourists. How about grabbing a bowl of hot comforting ramen after that late night partying? It definitely sounds good! Keisuke Lobster will officially open its door on 20th February (Saturday) at 6pm.

Thank you Hanan for the invite and Keisuke Lobster King for hosting!

Keisuke Lobster King is located at:

Clarke Quay – 3C River Valley Road #01-07
The Cannery
Singapore 179022
+65 6255 2928

Daily (except for Chinese New Year) | 1800 - 0500 Last order at 0430