10 February 2016

Beyond Plate and The Nomad Travels

Beyond Plate and The Nomad Travels

 With the adoption of a pop-up concept, Beyond Plate and The Nomad Travels are exclusively available at 15 Cheong Chin Nam Road every Saturday from 10am to 5pm. They are housed within The Stirling, which operates as a bar during night time and subleases the shop space during the day. The concept behind Beyond Plate's menu is the usual brunch affair that Singaporeans love while The Nomad Travels serves the cuppa coffee to go along and some creations with a twist!

For the food, we managed to taste a number of their brunch dishes and here is a gallery of them:

Salted egg wings with curry leaves and chilli padi (SGD9)

Bagels with herbed cream cheese and smoked salmon with arugula salad (SGD13.90)

B.P Burger with salted egg fries (SGD15.90)

Salted egg yolk with butter popcorn ice cream (SGD8)

Hotcakes with maple ricotta and mixed berry compote (SGD11.90)

For the savory options, the Chicken and Waffles (SGD14.90) was excellent. We were greeted with a huge fried chicken drenched with a honey mustard cream (which tasted sweet more than anything else), a beautiful sunny side up and fluffy waffles. One thing we knew for sure was that they do not scrimp on the ingredients. The sauce might have sat too long on the waffles as we were a little too engrossed in the photos with that visual appeal. The fried chicken achieved whatever that was required - tender, juicy, crispy and not greasy. We thoroughly enjoyed it as each component worked on its own, and also together on a plate.

The French Croque Monsieur (SGD12.90) was unexpectedly good. The toasted focaccia was crispy on the outside, yet light on the outside which made the dish shone. Upon a full bite on it, the bread did not make the mouthful too clumpy, and was nicely accompanied by the flavors of tangy tomato, cheesy mozzarella and truffle mayo, savory roasted bacon and a creamy molten centered sunny side up.

For a snack to share, I would recommend the Spam Fries (SGD7.90). Nicely fried and served with a sriracha lime mayo sauce, you might momentarily pop too many of them into your mouth!

For the sweets, I would recommend the Peanut Butter French Toast with Speculoos Ice Cream. Beyond Plate definitely knows the crowd pleaser flavors by using two hot favorites on the same plate. Apart from the likable flavors, the french toast was very well done with the fragrant egg batter coating the bread.

The Nomad Travels takes care of the drinks while Beyond Plates serves up the food. Their coffee beans is procured during their personal travel so it will vary from time to time! Apart from your usual cappuccino or latte, their signature or actually the Instagram worthy (as stated on their menu!) ones would be the Mocha Falls (SGD5.50) and S'mores in a cup (SGD6 for Hot, SGD7 for Cold). The Mocha Falls, as the name suggests, comes with some dark chocolate sauce falling down the sides of the cup. Pretty as it is, my friend who had it did not have an easy time conquering it! You definitely gotta be careful when drinking.

Cold brews (SGD7) in four variants are also available - the pure black, with milk and cream, chocolate with milk and cream, coffee and chocolate with milk and cream. I had the Mr Black, the pure black coffee. It tasted a little too watered down for my liking, with a bitter after taste. I enjoy my shot of espresso but this bitterness wasn’t something I fancied.

Just minutes away from Beauty World station Exit B, The Stirling is definitely very accessible to all. The food is generally well executed and with the pocket friendly prices, you can definitely add this to your cafe list! But remember, the pop-ups are only on Saturdays, 10am to 5pm.