10 January 2016

Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community

 Open Farm Community (OFC) is conceptualized around the idea of sustainable farming, with plots of land right beside the restaurant that houses home grown crops such as mint, basil, thyme and rosemary. With a farm-to-table concept, the fresh ingredients are harvested and then directly used in their kitchen. Upon arrival at OFC, we were first greeted with an alfresco chill-out area with a table tennis table, a place where big groups can gather for light snacks and drinks. For those who prefer to escape from the humid Singapore weather, there is an air-conditioned cafe to take shelter as well. Further behind this area is the restaurant, a beautiful place that reminds me of a see-through greenhouse.

 OFC’s menu comprises Brunch, Starters, Pasta, Main Courses, Desserts and Little Diners. I was most attracted to their pasta due to the unique flavors and ingredients. The pasta served here are all home-made and we found out that it was freshly made on the morning of our visit!

We had an item each from the brunch, pasta and dessert menu.

The Roasted Wagyu Rump ($30) from the brunch menu was served first and it came with a brioche bun, poached eggs, ratte potatoes, red onions and chilli bearnaise. The idea of a runny egg on top of a wagyu rump made this our choice! It did not looked as appetizing as we thought it to be, with that too-big a bun supporting the entire dish. The poached egg definitely lived up to its expectation with that golden lava yolk making its way down the beef. Wagyu rump was tastefully seasoned and onions were sweet without being overly pungent. I wasn’t so much of a fan of the sauce with it tasting like a confused hybrid sauce of chilli and tomato.

For pasta, we had the Mud Crab Spaghettoni ($28) with thai curry sauce, crunchy yellow squash, coconut and crispy shallot thai basil. Spaghettoni is thicker than our usual spaghetti and I was very satisfied with the al dente cook on it. The usage of thai curry sauce is an Asian take on an Italian dish, which OFC had successfully incorporated into this pasta dish. It reminded me very much of a typical green curry at a Thai restaurant. The sweetness of the mud crab meat made it a perfect topping to this pasta! Some may look at the photo and find the serving size ridiculously small. This was my exact sentiments till I ate it, and found it to be just right for a lady. There was also a lot more sauce wrapped within the maze of pasta!

Your dessert choice at OFC has got to be the Lemon Tart with Basil Ice Cream ($17). Made of baked pastry layers sandwiching the lemon curd and custard cream, this sets to provide a complete experience on your tastebuds! A mouthful of the entire layer goes like this - you get a good crunch from the crispy buttery pastry followed by a burst of acidity from the lemon curd. The basil ice cream then comes into play by balancing out the flavors and introduces a weave of freshness. This dessert definitely promises you an exciting flavor which you can thoroughly enjoy!

Both my partner and I had coffee to go along with our meal, and the bill adds up to slightly over SGD100. While the pricing definitely leans towards the higher range, the overall experience at Open Farm Community was refreshing and inviting. There is just something about the chic space and those hanging fairy lights within that calls out to us. Be sure to have their pasta and don’t leave without having desserts!

Open Farm Community is located at:
130E Minden Road
Singapore 248819
Mon - Fri | 1200 - 2200
Sat - Sun & PH | 1100 - 2200
+65 6471 0306