10 May 2015

Burnt Ends - modern and casual Australian barbeque

Burnt Ends - modern and casual Australian barbeque

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First time and coming in 30th on the charts of Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants in 2015, Burnt Ends has definitely wow-ed many with its stunning results. It had been on my to-go list for far too long, and I can only blame myself for taking this long to visit them! Burnt Ends displays an open kitchen concept, with counter seats lined up in front of it. It was a pretty cool experience - watching David Pynt run the restaurant, his sous chef expediting the kitchen, a chef stationed at the grill over coal with another chef taking charge of the oven. The atmosphere in the restaurant was chic and relaxing, where you can hold small conversations or just observe the happenings in the kitchen.

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Open concept kitchen

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Menu for 2nd May 2015

Menu is freshly printed on a daily basis, to ensure that the best of each day is being served to the customers. Burnt Ends has a simple menu consisting of a few starters, mains and desserts. My advice would be to secure a reservation ahead to not only save the wait, and also to prevent having items on the menu sold out. When I took a second look at the menu during the later part of my dinner, 3 items were already struck off the list! Do note that reservations are limited to 12/1230pm (lunch) and 6/630pm (dinner).

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Smoked Quail Egg with Caviar - SGD15 for one

We had the Smoked Quail Eggs with Caviar to start off our meal. The caviar was a lovely complement to the smoky quail eggs. On first bite, the caviar burst into a salty and rich flavour. The taste of flowy yolk within the quail egg soon followed, overtaking the caviar and creating a well-harmonized appetizer.

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Iliocostalis - SGD14

The Iliocostalis is a triangular muscle cut of the steak. The slightly tougher texture was mitigated with the smaller slices. The grilling expertise of the chefs at Burnt Ends really came through on this dish with the slightly charred exterior and retained moisture of the meat. This makes for a good "meaty" starter!

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Leek, Hazelnut and Brown Butter - SGD16

We knew we had to order the Leek when we learnt that it was served with Hazelnuts and Brown Butter Sauce. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? The bigger sized leeks are used at Burnt Ends, and they are placed in their ~600 degrees oven and roasted till completely charred on the outer layer. The leek is then stripped down to its core stem, leaving behind the sweet and juicy part. The crunchy nuts gave an additional dimension to this dish, making the dish more engaging on top of the sweet tasting leek. The brown butter sauce enhanced the taste of the leek and combined the other two ingredients together seamlessly.

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Burnt Ends' Sanger - SGD20

Your meal would not be complete without the Burnt Ends’ Sanger - pulled pork shoulder, cole slaw, chipotle aioli sandwiched between the brioche bun. I liked how they used the pork shoulder which means very tender meat, along with some fatty parts which melts in your mouth! It is tossed together with a generous amount of cole slaw and chipotle aioli, resulting in a slightly sour yet distinctively smoky filling for the burger. The buttered brioche buns are toasted in the oven, which brings out the fragrance of the bread. This is indeed the burger to impress the diners!

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Onglet, Burnt Onion and Bone Marrow - SGD26 per 100g

One of our highlights during this meal was the Onglet in Burnt Onion Sauce and Bone Marrow. It was grilled to a perfect medium rare, all possible from the magic done by the chef grilling the meat over the coal. A little about the grills. There were a few grills, each adjustable to different heights, in order to control the amount of heat and cooking of the meat. The results of the grill was just terrific! The onglet was tender and full of charred taste which I absolutely adore. A rather thick burnt onion sauce was used, but it did not overpower the steak. Instead, it brought the taste profile to another level - so rich and so good. This was the 220g portion we had which was comfortable for 2, but I wished I had ordered the 300/400g instead because it was too yummy!

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Marshmallow - SGD2

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Pineapple, Rum and Vanilla - SGD12

All meals have to come to an end, and we ended ours with the Roasted Marshmallows and the Pineapple, Rum and Vanilla dessert. The marshmallow looked “poisonous” with its completely blackened exterior but worked pleasantly taste-wise. Glazed with orange and cinnamon, this was a gooey creamy awesome pop into the mouth! For the pineapple dessert, hot roasted pineapple is always well-liked. This was paired with a light vanilla ice cream and nutty pistachios. The nutty creamy tangy flavor definitely did work for me! However, the taste of rum wasn’t really present.

We couldn’t stop raving about the food while we were having our meal. We knew from the first moment we tasted the food, we were going to make many more visits to Burnt Ends in the not too distant future. The developing food scene here in Singapore has seen many restaurants springing up around our island, but very few warrant a return visit. I’m just happy to have finally tried Burnt Ends and I know for sure that it won’t be my last time there!

Find Burnt Ends at:

20 Teck Lim Road
Singapore 088931
(Chinatown/Outram Park MRT)

Lunch | Tues to Sat - 1145am-2pm
Dinner | Mon to Sat - 6pm-Late

+65 6224 3933