22 July 2014

Don Dae Bak 돈대박, Kreta Ayer Road

Don Dae Bak 돈대박, Kreta Ayer Road

One would not have the problem of finding a Korean restaurant in the areas of Tanjong Pagar & Chinatown in Singapore. However, there is this one Korean BBQ Restaurant that have made it to my must-go list because of it's pocket friendly pricing and authentic experience that I've had there. 

Their buffet dinner & lunch is priced at $19.90++ per head, and the meat is ordered via the waitresses. I prefer this manner as I feel that it is more hygienic and the meat is definitely fresh. Also, we Singaporeans tend to over estimate ourselves and take more than we can consume! Ordering it in waves can better ensure we don't waste the meat! 

8 types of meat are available here which consist of Beef (marinated beef, beef brisket, marinated short rib), Pork (pork belly, marinated pork belly, shoulder loin, marinated shoulder loin) and Chicken (marinated chicken, spicy marinated chicken). 

The lady boss was very friendly and kindly helped us with the meat at first, letting us know that the heat would cook the beef brisket very quickly and we should take extra care of it. Also, charcoal is used beneath the BBQ pan!!! What I also really love about Don Dae Bak is the egg around the pan which is refillable. I like it slightly undercooked and the sweetness of the egg was just right for me! 

Meat wise, I particularly enjoyed their beef options! The marinated pork shoulder loin was also quite tender, just make sure you don't overcook it! 

Tea is available at $2 per head which is refillable. They have a rather wide range of banchan, of which my favorites are their kimchi, fish cake & sweet potato vermicelli! I made a reservation for a Saturday night one day in advanced. The shop space is not huge, so I would recommend making a reservation before heading down! When I was there, I spotted many Korean families/ couples who were there too, which just simply shows that a taste of Korea can be found right at Don Dae Bak! 

Don Dae Bak is located at
35 Kreta Ayer Road
Singapore 089000

Mon-Sat | 1100-2300

Lunch BBQ buffet available on weekends & public holidays l