08 May 2014

Thai Tantric, Orchard Towers

Thai Tantric, Orchard Towers

Fans of Thai Food would know that Orchard Towers though sleazy, have numerous Thai food eateries! I have tried Jane Thai food before, but it wasn't memorable. I went to Thai tantric today and it's definitely a lot better!! 

I chose the Thai fried glass noodles with seafood ($7) because I love tanghoon so much! Extremely delicious with the wok taste when stir fried. There was a lot of kailan in my glass noodles, yay! We also orderd the Pad Thai ($6) and Thai Fried Rice ($6). Their Pad Thai is one of their most outstanding dishes!! Another must-order dish is their tomyum. We had the thick soup with sliced fish ($10) that is definitely more than enough for 4 pax. There was a great balance between the sour and spicy. It wasn't too spicy but yet it kind of hit the spot! You would be glad to know that the sliced fish isn't really sliced, but are chunks of fish meat! Plus points for the soup :) The deep fried chicken wings ($10) may seem a little overpriced with it's size, but don't belittle them... They were super crispy and fragrant, yet moist and tender on the inside! Very addictive I would say :) 

Thai Tantric has a rather affordable pricing, with very generous servings especially for their fried rice & noodles dishes hence advisable to share. For the big eaters, this is the place for you! On the downside, the place isn't exactly very clean or hygienic. Oh and we also had their Thai ice tea ($2.50) where we saw them pour in a too generous amount of condensed milk, but yet it wasn't too sweet with the "bitter" taste from the tea leaves - just the way a Thai milk tea should taste like!! Recommended if you're looking for an affordable fuss free place in the orchard area! 

Thai tantric is located at 
400 Orchard Road
Orchard Towers #03-23 
Singapore 238875
Daily | 11am-3pm, 6pm-3am