13 May 2014

I Scream, Bedok North

I Scream, Bedok North

I Scream is located just blocks away from the famous Bedok 85 Fengshan Food Market. Seems like cafes are springing up in this area too, with milk & honey gelato also around the corner. I was there on a public holiday afternoon and it was pretty quiet! Their ice cream is displayed in a revolving container, making it interesting to order! I could see that the boss behind this shop is very much into social media, with ice cream flavors taking after the popular platforms like Screambook, Instascream, Wescream and Youscream. Much effort is also placed on their menu, as it was well decorated with attractive pictures! 

Waffles price starts at $6.90. It comes with a scoop of ice cream and $3 for every additional scoop. They have their classic crispy waffles & stout cocoa waffles on the menu, but I went for their red velvet waffles with double scoop ($10.90) which is part of their mothers day special available till 17th May 2014!

I chose the lychee and salted caramel ice cream. The former was refreshing with bits of lychee found in the sorbet, while the latter was creamy and not too overly sweet. Their waffles came in a perfect shade of red, so beautiful to look at! However, I thought my waffles tasted slightly burnt and there was too little cream cheese for greedy me! 

I Scream is a chic cafe located in an old neighborhood, would be perfect for all the 85 foodies to pop by for some ice cream after the hawker feast! 

I Scream is located at
Block 89 Bedok North Ave 4 
Singapore 460089 

Daily | 12pm-12am