26 April 2014

Tom Yum Kungfu, Serangoon Gardens

Tom Yum Kungfu, Serangoon Gardens

Tom Yum Kungfu has opened its second outlet after their circular road branch. Located opposite Chomp Chomp food centre and in Serangoon Gardens, it definitely drew quite a sizable crowd to its establishment! 

They served a variety of Thai dishes, like the ones you can find in a Thai restaurant & also mookata! Most people go there for mookata and you can spot almost every single table having that. 

 Mookata menu

We went for the $39.90 set which serves 2-3 pax and added a Thai Mama noodles with 2 Thai ice milk tea :) 

Mookata uses a domed shaped pot with a BBQ top and a shallow based soup pot. Pork lard is used to oil the BBQ top and as you cook the meat, the oil will drip into the soup! Hahahaha soooo unhealthy. Soup is of a clear broth but it became more yummy after we added the seasoning from the mama noodles hehe. Meat was well marinated, not too salty. There was a generous amount of pork in the set, along with scallops pork fish cake and prawns. 

Service staff were attentive. Soup was refilled promptly and they took our orders shortly before a table was availae so that there will be minimal waiting time for food to be served. There was a short queue at about 8 plus on a Saturday night. You just have to leave your name and contact number on the book outside the shop & they will call you when there's a table available. It didn't take long for me though, probably about 10-15 mins wait. Reservations are available during weekdays! SMS to 8168 4021

The opening hours for Tom Yum Kungfu at their respective outlets are as follows: