14 March 2014

Hong Chang Eating House

Hong Chang Eating House

I'm here to share with you guys where I had my dinner just now! It's a coffee shop located at a corner of Braddell Road, not that easily accessible by public transport but it's really a place that I wished I had went earlier! I've always drove past this place, and was attracted by it since it is always filled with people throughout the night!! Also, I've had a few friends who recommended me this place too.

The shop sells both frog leh porridge and also BBQ food (like those you can find at chomp chomp, east coast lagoon..). For the frog leg porridge, it's going at $8 for 1, $13 for 2, $16 for 3 and $22 for 4. Since there were only 2 of us, we ordered set of 3 in the ginger and onion sauce (dried chilli sauce also available). Porridge is going for either 2 or 3. We also ordered a sambal stingray to go with it, it cost $10. 

And believe me, I would think that it was the best sambal stingray that I've had... It was such a big serving, sambal was fragrant and of an acceptable spiciness. Meat was juicy!!!! It came with a chincalok sauce and it goes so well with it. I've came across too many stingrays that were expensive and dry. I may really think twice to ever eat stingray at any other place after trying it at Hong Chang. 

The frog leg porridge was equally enjoyable too! The frog legs were succulent and tender, well braised in the ginger and onion sauce. The fragrance of the sauce went very well with the smooth texture of the porridge. 

I would highly recommend this place if you're looking at a value for money dinner place to have a simple dinner! My boyfriend and I left the place too full & was filled with satisfaction. There are some areas for parking along the shophouses next to the shop, and I believe the nearest station would be Serangoon station, but it's about 2 bus stops away (or otherwise located near the Song Kee fish ball noodles)

Hong Chang Eating House is located at:
No 2 Braddell Road