18 March 2014



To all the working folks out there, we're almost at the mid week! Gonna post on what I've had for lunch today :) 

Gaest is a relatively new establishment located at The Clift, Mccallum Street. I came across this place & thought it will be a great lunch location to catch up with a friend over lunch! Also, I know she's a fan of muesli and Gaest serves muesli too! 

For me, I knew that I wanted to try the crackling pork sandwich ($14) after seeing photos of it! 2 huge whole meal sourdough filled with cracklings pork, red cabbage, sliced apples and honey mustard mayonnaise was pure bliss~ They were very generous with the serving! I felt that the combination was right for me, and the sweetness of the sauce brought them together very well. The cracklings pork was somewhat like our Chinese roasted pork and some of the pieces had a crackling skin! It reminded me of the crackling pork that I had at pasar Bella! The red cabbage and apples added a nice touch to the sandwich. However, the best part of the sandwich is the whole meal sourdough bread! My friends would know that I do not fancy bread that much. But the people at Gaest really scored with their bread. It was nicely toasted and yet the bread stil remained super soft with the edges of the bread slightly crispy (some may find it hard but I'm okay with it). Overall, the sandwich was flavorful and was moist enough for my liking!! :)

Nice place for a catch up with a friend, but seats are kind of limited. 3 tables on the inside & several on the outside. Advised to go slightly before or after lunch crowd. 

Gaest is located at 
21 McCallum Street #01-01
The Clift opposite Amoy street food centre/ ocean fish curry head