16 March 2014

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary

Happy Sunday morning! Spent my Sunday making that extra effort to wake up a little earlier, so that we can grab breakfast at Chin Mee Chin! Was feeling quite excited bcos it's been awhile since I woke up for breakfast (oops!) and also having the traditional Chinese kind of kaya butter toast. 

When you reach the shop, just sit anywhere that is available. Lucky for us, we managed to find a little cosy table for 2 immediately! We then placed our order after finally getting someone to attend to us. 4 open-faced kaya butter toasts, 2 egg tarts (and 3 for take away :p), 4 soft boiled eggs & 2 kopi! It was a total of $14 for these! 

The eggs were done really well!! Perfectoooo~ it was so soft and smooth. And it was easy to stir in some dark sauce & pepper :) the egg tarts are also a little different from what is usually found outside. The focus of this egg tart is on the crust. Very buttery & crispy!! The egg custard filling on the other hand is slightly more watery, which complemented their crust very well. 

The star of Chin Mee Chin is no other than their open faced kaya butter toast! A slab of butter over kaya spreaded over toasted buns. Sandwich the 2 faces together & eat it like a burger! The butter will automatically melt with the heat from the toasted buns. This is definitely the way to start a morning right! 

Even though the people tend to be too busy to get your orders, you can always help yourself to the egg tarts, muffins, breads that are displayed. The kitchen is always baking such that fresh pastries & breads are constantly served. I've seen them bringing out trays & trays of egg tarts during the half an hour that I was there. Also, it was really heart warming to see the old folks that are still serving this sort of traditional Chinese breakfast!

Chin Mee Chin Confectionary is located at 
204 East Coast Road
Closed on Mondays