22 March 2014

Absinthe - Restaurant Week March 2014

Absinthe - Restaurant Week March 2014

Went for my restaurant week lunch this afternoon and I couldn't wait all week bcos I've been seeing too many photos of it! 

This is the lunch menu for Absinthe. Since it is awarded with a dining star, it is priced at $40++ which works out to be about $47 per pax. 

To start off, we had a grilled prawn with eggplant cavier & coriander. The grilled prawn was nicely done, with a slight crunch to it. However, I'm not a fan of eggplant and thus I didn't quite enjoy the mashy texture of it. I also realized that there was a lack of flavor for this dish! 

We were then served the onion soup with cavier cream and chorizo. Soup was tasty! Who wouldn't like onion soup? ;)  The chorizo bits in the soup added a bite to the soup which made it more interesting! 

For mains, we ordered both of the choices available. The French style fish and chips came a little underwhelming. Where is my fish??? Hahaha. Absinthe's rendition of fish and chip is slightly different from others, where they have their layer of batter wrapping up the fish like a wanton skin. It was extremely crispy as small pieces of skin were seen flying off the plate as I cut them apart. Fish was very fresh & tender, well accompanied by the French style mayonnaise egg sauce. It came along with some savory puffs, but it was nothing special. Would prefer my chips anyday! 

The slow braised Wagyu beef shoulder with grilled polenta & cherry tomato was the other option for mains. The Wagyu beef was super super tender! It was easily torn apart and it kept me wondering if I was eating beef?? I believed that it was braised in a red wine sauce, giving it a flavorful touch to the dish! 

Dessert was a white chocolate mousse in mango & passion fruit soup. The sweetness from the white chocolate was a great match for the sour-ish soup! There were also grapefruit & strawberry bits in it and that was a great end to our meal! 

Absinthe is located at
72 Boat Quay