06 January 2014

Na Benjarong Cruises, Bangkok

Na Benjarong Cruises, Bangkok

Hello all! I'm back after a short hiatus, and I want to start of the new year by introducing to you guys a dinner cruise that I've had just last week when I was in Bangkok for my Christmas break :)

Having been to Bangkok numerous times, I have never stepped foot onto any of their tourist attraction - I can always be seen at either Platinum Mall, or Siam area hahaha. I was thrilled to be on board the Na Benjarong Cruise for a 6 course meal along the Chao Phraya River, c/o a friend of mine!

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Na Benjarong Cruise started its business in 2013, and it aims to provide a delightful experience to all guests on board. Diners can choose from the Bangkok sunset dinner cruise (6-8pm) or Bangkok by night dinner cruise (830-1030pm). I chose the night dinner cruise and it was a beautiful sight to behold as the boat travelled along the Chao Phraya river past various lit up bangkok attractions.

Upon boarding, we were first welcomed with fresh flower garlands which symbolizes luck. Fresh flowers bought from the market daily are also placed on each table, setting the mood right for the dinner. We were then promptly served the Amuse Bouche

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Amuse Bouche

The crust is handmade by the chef, likened to the crust of a kueh pie tee that we know of. One is being filled with tomyum pork, while the other, with minced chicken. I popped the entire cup into my mouth, and found the crust to be crispy on the first bite. It was fragrant and was a good mix with the meat fillings. I could send a few more down my belly anytime!

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Mixed Thai Appetizers

The second course was the Mixed Thai Appetizers which consisted of 4 small dishes. I was recommended to start off with the pomelo salad and ending with the NuaNamtok due to the increasing level of spiciness. The Pomelo Salad was made of fresh thai pomelo in a light lime sauce. It was refreshing with the juicy pomelo popping in your mouth, and the sourish sauce which opened up my appetite for more food! The PlaGoong was a Poached Prawn mixed with fresh shallots, chopped lemongrass and lime dressing. The prawn was huge and beautifully poached. The flavors were refreshing, and the shallots added a nice crunch to it. The Yum Maklua is a japanese eggplant tossed in tamarind sauce. To be honest, I'm not an eggplant fan but it was cooked till soft and the sauce did go quite well with it. Finishing it was not an issue! Lastly, we had the NuaNamtok - beef with shallots, dried chilli and lime. This was delish! Beef stir fried with chilli and lime, the 2 ingredients that succeeded in bringing out the flavour of the beef. Loved this!
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Tom Yum soup with River Prawn

Next up, we were served the Tom Yum soup with River Prawn. I liked how they presented this dish, as the waitress would pour the soup into the bowl in front of us, ensuring the soup is also served warm. The soup reminded me of a thicker prawn broth more than a tomyum soup, which I then found out from the boss that it was a fusion dish which they had tweaked in order to cater to everyone's taste! Extra chilli can be requested if you would like it to be spicier, but I kept it original to fully savor the richness of the broth. 
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Top: Grilled Sea Tiger Prawn with Garlic Lime Sauce
Bottom: Grain Fed Slow-Cooked Angus Beef Rib with Green Curry Sauce

Moving on to entree, diners are given 5 choices to choose from which includes chicken, beef ribs, pork, prawn or salmon. I'm sure you will be able to find something you like! We picked the Grilled Sea Tiger Prawn and Beef Rib with Green Curry Sauce. All mains also came with Organic Steamed Jasmine Rice and Seasonal Thai Vegetables. I was pleasantly surprised at the generous servings and how the mains were beautifully done. The prawns were beautifully grilled. It was rather easy to remove the meat from the shell, and the meat was full of sweetness, freshness and there was that slight hint of the grilled taste. A home made Thai sweet and sour chilli sauce was also served, and it was a good dipping sauce for the prawns. For the beef ribs, the meat was super tender such that the meat can be pulled off easily. The green curry, which was a little thicker in consistency, was extremely fragrant. My companion and I really enjoyed the entrees a lot, and we have nothing but praises for the quality of the ingredients used.

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Na Benjarong Signature Dessert with Mango & Sticky Rice

Lastly, we had the dessert which consisted of Na Benjarong Signature Dessert with Mango & Sticky Rice. The signature dessert is an egg pudding topped with lychee and caramelized kahlua. The pudding had a smooth texture, perfectly done with a sweet sauce that was drizzled on it. As for the other dessert, what can possibly go wrong with mango sticky rice from thailand? It was a delicious ending to our meal! Coffee/Tea was also served towards the end of the meal.

The boat ride ended at Asiatique, where we had a spectacular view of the ferris wheel and the bars that were found along the river. Overall, I had an enjoyable time on board Na Benjarong and the food had way exceeded my expectations. I would recommend you guys to give this a try as this is what Bangkok can offer other than the insane shopping that we Singaporeans like to visit for. 

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