31 August 2013

Lola's cafe

Lola's cafe

Another cafe making its way into the heartlands would be Lola's Cafe. Conveniently located 5 minutes walk away from Kovan MRT, this is the place to check out if you're looking for affordable food and a place to chill around the area. When I was first seated down, I found out that their tables are actually old sewing machines - how old school! We then started off our meal with an appetizer to share.

 photo IMG_4133_zps8f855aa5.jpg
Honey and Paprika Wings SGD9

These were fried to almost perfection!!! It was coated with a layer of crispy batter that wasn't too thick and it doesn't feel greasy when you eat it. Drizzled with honey and a dash of paprika, it went well with the wings. Who doesn't like honey anyway? ;) Greedy me wished they had drizzled more of it!

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Duck Leg in Orange Mustard Sauce SGD16

Lola takes a twist on their rendition of duck leg by serving it with an orange mustard sauce over buttery mash potato, giving it a zesty kick to this dish! It is tangy, sweet and savoury altogether, which tickles your taste buds. The duck leg is braised then pan fried, resulting in a slightly crispy skin on the outer layer. I thought the duck meat could be more tender!

 photo IMG_4129_zpsd1749feb.jpg
Summer Swimmer Crab Spaghetti SGD15

A tomato cream-based spaghetti could never go quite wrong. Along with crab, lemon, chilli and fresh basil, the flavors on this plate packed a punch! The spiciness of this dish was just nice for me, and kept me wanting for more especially when there was so much crab meat in it.

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Banana and Earl Grey Tart SGD4

We ended off our meal with a Banana and Earl Grey Tart topped off with Pistachio nuts. I enjoyed the earl grey taste of the tart, but it was soon overpowered by the caramelized bananas when I took a bite of it. I do think that they both taste great on their own, but probably not together! 

You may be happy to find out that Lola's Cafe does not have GST/service charge. I've noticed that they have quite a good selection of ciders/beers, so grab a few friends and head down there for some drinks!

Lola's Cafe is located at
5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893

Tue-Sun | 1100-0000